Wednesday 24 July 2013

Hi everyone, the salon will be closed from Thursday 25th July and open again on the 6th August. Feel free to give us a call once we're back or email us on and we'll reply on return.For anyone that's missed their appointments over the last couple of weeks, don't worry, because we can rebook you if you give us a call when we're back.You can also have a look at us on facebook and now pay a deposit through our new facebook shop to secure an appointment in advance. Have a look at and followthe link for our shop. See you all soon! x

Beautiful, this lovely lady had a bob before her 5 track weave!

Wednesday 17 July 2013

An amazing before and after, this customer's daughter said:

'Wow! Really can't belive that's my mums head lol She has ALWAYS struggled with 

her unmanageable hair! Never thought I see her happy with it let alone in love with it. Made such

 a difference to her confidence, If she had of know about this hairdresser and what she could do

 she would of left Australia a long time ago! Lol' 

Made my day!

a lovely dipdye 

Beautiful Before and After!

Thursday 13 June 2013

Getting Your Weave Replaced

We often get asked why a weave must be replaced no ater than 3 months from the initial date it is put in. This is very important and will help to protect your own hair. 

Your natural hair is continuously on a cycle of sheading and renewing. Your body naturally sheds old hairs to replace with new ones. Between the time your track is made and the 3 month period of wearing your weave, your own body is still shedding your natural hair. This means that the track is gradually becoming weaker, if the hair is kept in for longer than 3 months the weight of the hair will be too heavy for the remaining hair within the track that has not been naturally shed. This will result in pulling and could snap and damage your own hair.

That is here at Weaves World we always recommend having your weave renewed at the 3 month point.

Your Weave in the Sun!

We hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather. Always remember that if you are spending a lot of time in the sun your weave will need a little more attention.

The hair in your weave is not like your own hair, it is not alive and therefore can’t restore, replenish or repair itself, so you must take even more care of it in the warm weather.

Don’t forget to use your protective products to help keep the weave soft and supple. Always use your heat protector treatment before styling and step up the use of your maintenance spray to keep your locks glossy, shiny and healthy looking x